Aug 13, 2012

Qt & KDE in FISL 13

Last month, the 13rd FISL (Free Software International Forum) happened in Porto Alegre , in the very south of Brazil. It was a great opportunity to see what's going on in the free software community besides Qt and KDE in Brazil.

It was a great to see again some friends from KDE Brazil and met some new ones. The Konqui

I also gave some talks and workshop about Qt, KDE and game development.

Workshop: Developing applications for multiple devices using Plasma technologies

This workshop was idealized and given by Sebas , and I was there for helping him, specially with the language barrier. In the workshop, QML was introduced together with KDE libs and what they can add to the applications.

Was good to show the current state of the Plasmate and how easily is creating and deploying a new Plasmoid. It was interesting to see how people were amazed about how easy is to start hacking and deploying a project.

This is the slide we used during the workshop:

Talk: Games with Qt

In this talk I gave an overview about what Qt is and which tool are available for creating games with it.

Workshop: Games with Qt

On the third day I gave a 3 hours hands-on workshop about game development using only QtQuick. During the workshop, I've presented basic QtQuick and some basic game concepts such as the game loop, collisions and physics. I also tried to apply to explain how these concepts match with the QML development.

I created a simple click game Monera as an example to the attendees. The code was written step by step and used itself as example and introduction to QtQuick. It was possible for everyone to write the code on their own computers and test.

In the end also gave them a overview about how to install the QML-Box2D and how to use it's API.

The code used as case is available on GitHub:

Unfortunately I didn't used git to keep the history of steps, modularization and refactoring I did during the workshop. I think that would be a plus to understand the code and how we came to it.

This was my first time on FISL and it was great! And I expect that won't be my last.