Jul 18, 2011

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This last month I've been working slowly on my GSoC project due to the university activities (due to Brazilian academic calendar). And my thesis, which I shall talk in other post. But at least now I'm undergraduated!

As I explained in my last post about Plasma Components, my GSoC project. I'm building graphics components for developers to build plasmoids in QML using non trivial common components such as Sliders, ScrollBars and RadioButtons. After the break I've done these components following the Qt Components common API:
  • Switch
  • ButtonRow
  • ButtonColumn
  • ScrollBar
  • ScrollDecorator
Keyboard event handling and focus policy for the new and old components were added in this sprint. I also spent a lot of time refactoring some components. I think their code is much better now.

I'm also adding more complex use cases at the components gallery (at kde-runtime/plasma/declarativeimports/test/gallery). By the way, this is screenshot of the new gallery:

Plasma Components Gallery 

Part of the work was just straightforward, but there are some doubts I would like to ask which you think is the best, because some of the components behaviour are not defined.
  1. Should ScrollDecorator appear only when it's flickableItem is flicked, like in the mobile use case?
  2. ScrollDecorator must should look like ScrollBar or have it's own appearence?
  3. There are no SVG graphics for CheckBox, RadioButton and Switch. Currently there are placeholders. What can I do?
  4. Currently, when you click a component, it gains the focus. This logic must be in the components as it is? Or should left it external to the button.
  5. The Qt Components doesn't define any enabled property, for any components. I think it's important to have such a property in all interactive components. What do you think about it?
Any other tip/suggestion is highly appreciated.

I expect to give other update as soon as I have something more to report.


  1. RE: Should ScrollDecorator appear only when it's flickableItem is flicked, like in the mobile use case?

    I would really strongly suggest no on the desktop.

    It would be good if flickable elements behaved like any other scroll widgets on a desktop, where users are interacting with mice not fingers. I don't want more inconsistency across the desktop within KDE.

  2. About scrollbars, they shouldn't flick at all in desktop/notebook, flicking is VERY uncomfortable with mouse at least for me, I agree with dave that they should behave like normal scrollbars.
    About the svg, how is current plasma components made?, don't they have an svg for that?
    And finally about the enabled property, I'm not sure what you mean, but a "disabled" property is necessary.
    Also doesn't qml allows different guis for the same plasmoid? If a hig is defined and everyone keeps from using flickable item in desktop, then it's not that important, but if the same widget will be in desktop and mobile, then the widgets need to be integrated with the current form factor.

  3. good progress; but these questions belong on plasma-devel@kde.org where a proper discussion can be had amongst people with the relevant knowledge.